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I would like to introduce myself.

My Name is Ismail Al Hammadi

– I am the current CEO and founder of Al Ruwad Real Estate and Biznet Consulting, two renowned and well-established companies in Dubai. I have a BA in Media Sciences and Communication with a specialty in PR and Advertising, which allowed me to cultivate and maintain strong relationships with government bodies and investors in Dubai.

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With almost 22 years of accumulated experience, I am renowned for establishing iron-clad relations with the government and semi government bodies, such as DUBAI Municipality, DCCA, DMCC, DED, DLD or Dubai Industrial Park ..etc, enabling me not to only provide appropriate consultancies concerning sales or purchase of properties through Al Ruwad Real Estate (an awarded company which I established in 2013), but also serve as a trusted partner and consultant for investors looking to start a business in Dubai, through a newer endeavour – Biznet Consulting (established in 2015).

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Ismail Al Hammadi
Ismail Al Hammadi
Ismail Al Hammadi
شكرا لكل طبيب وممرض و لكل من يعمل في قطاع الصحة ...
‏شكرا لكم على جهودكم والتزامكم للمستشفيات لمواجهة المخاطر في الوقت الذي نلتزم فيه نحن بيوتنا

I would like to shine a spotlight on those who provide healthcare under challenging circumstances.

They are doctors, nurses, paramedics and other healthcare workers who selflessly serve their communities despite the great risks to their own lives.

‏⁧‫#الامارات‬⁩ ⁧‫#شكرا_خط_دفاعنا_الأول‬⁩ ⁧‫#كورونا‬⁩
Ismail Al Hammadi
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